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Ray Ban Replacement Screws

It’s the best feeling in the whole world to be out with friends and enjoy the beautiful weather. Your sunglasses breaking can only dampen your mood. My Ray Ban sunglasses broke when the screw from the arm hinge fell off, causing the sunglasses to fall off my face.

Instantly, I thought these sunglasses were damaged goods and that I should buy a new pair. When I went to make the purchase, I looked at my bank account and realized that I couldn’t afford Ray Bans. My only choice was to repair my Ray Ban sunglasses.

To find spare screws, I first went to my local glasses shops. But they didn’t have any so they suggested that I go to a specialty hardware shop. I drove to several hardware stores in the area, but was still not able to fix my Ray Ban sunglasses. There were no Ray Ban screws available.

Ray Ban Replacement Screws

I was ready to give up, and just send the money to buy a new pair of sunglasses. I thought. But my friend shared with me how he was in the same situation.

I went to check it out, and decided that they would be my night in shinning armorer. I thought the price of the screws was reasonable and decided to give it a try. It would still be less expensive than buying a new pair.

After purchasing two Ray Ban replacement screws, I purchased an additional one to ensure that another one does not fall out. shipped my order quickly and I received it within a few days.

It was simple to install the screw and I was able make my Ray Ban replacement screws look brand new in just a matter of minutes. I was able to save hundreds of dollars by not having to buy new Ray Bans.

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