Why You Should Avoid Down Payment Assistance Programs

Not everyone needs assistance with their down payment. Sometimes, you just need to have an education. This may be just a small step, but, it is important to make sure you understand exactly what down payment assistance programs are and how it may impact your ability to purchase the home you want.

There are a couple of different types of down payment assistance programs. ½ of these programs areotten It is targeted at homebuyers who are thinking about buying a home when they have insufficient funds for a down payment. An individual with cash in the bank may choose to use a ½ of these programs. But other specially designed programs are designed to actually help people who can not borrow money for a down payment assistance, when they are looking to purchase.

How could this impact me If I am looking to purchase a home?

Let’s say you are interested in purchasing a home. To help you understand, let’s say that you are currently renting a home. In other words, you have decided that you want to purchase a home, but, you don’t have the money yet to do so. That is where down payment assistance programs can help. These types of programs have been around for a long time, but they have seen increased attention recently as interest rates remain low and homes sales have remained steady.

This means there are opportunities that may allow you to purchase the home that you have been dreaming about. There are a couple of ways these programs make it easier for you to make your first home purchase. Generally, one of the ways these programs work is by encouraging banks to give you a lower interest rate.

By getting a lower interest rate, this allows you to take out less money for your down payment and, therefore, you can put more money towards the principle. For you, that means bigger capital and (hopefully) lower monthly payments. In turn, this means you will see the level of your monthly mortgage decrease, and that can help increase your capacity to help repay bills, improve your credit, and also create more equity in the home (which can help you build up equity during the time when you have the mortgage). Lafayette Mortgage offers the following unique corps in raising74 this down payment:

2% Purchase Discount Points(1.5% each)

“No Closing Costs” – This is true every month. No more dreaded 20-25% purchases needed. It is actually a no-cost purchase. Save money from your existing liquid, tax-free, retirement accounts and still receive an immediate refund from your Estate before you move in (check their website for all the hidden fees).

“ advances are tax-free” – see below

“Able to take cash from self-directed IRA”


“This special offer is only available to prospects who plan on occupying the property within the 30 days after closing. Also, this offer is voided if an occupant buys the home within the last 30 days of your purchase.

This is a special promotion made just for new home buyers. The first time home buyers’ program is supposed to be available to help people in their first home buying experience. This program you have been dreaming of, the one you have been saving for, the one that you have been putting off for the last few years-the home of your dreams! If you can make the purchase in one month from date of this publication, we will give you the HOME of your dreams. Call today”|

Now is the time to get moving! spreading the word about your availability to get the home of your dreams is a crucial part of the home buying process. Most people don’t realize that this down payment assistance, unlike private investors, corporations, and real estate agents, all have communities of dedicated people, and volunteers, to assist you in reaching your goals in the real world.

Going Door to Door to inform local business owners and civic groups about your availability will assist you in building momentum for your interesting purchases

Adding people to your network is another way you can assist yourself in the buying process. By meting out this service, you can generate leads for the people in your life as well as obtain a sense of personal, professional, in your own community. I’m sure if you’ve helped assist a family member or friend by sharing your interest in the purchase of a home, it can be a source of great opportunity for you!

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