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Removal of mold and mildew from leather

It is possible to look amazing in leather, regardless of whether you are using it for shoes, clothing or bags. The leather will be harmed by mildew and mold if it comes in direct contact with moisture.

How many leather pieces have you had to give away because you didn’t know how you could clean them without causing damage? 

Mold and mildew isn’t limited to your shoes. These dangerous fungi are capable of staining any leather item, leather saddles or leather car seats. These methods are easy to use for cleaning leather objects.

Secret Leather Cleaner #1, Baby Shampoo

It is important to prevent mold and mildew forming on your leather goods. Be proactive. It is important to condition your leather goods on a regular basis. You should keep leather items dry and away form heat.

Baby shampoo is your best friend for cleaning the house regularly. A soft cloth, such a tee shirt or old tee will do. You can use the baby shampoo to coat it and make a lather. The lather can be wiped away with a second damp cloth. Although baby shampoo is gentle, I’m sure you didn’t know it could be a great leather cleaner.

Apply a leather moisturizer once the leather is dry to prevent future damage.

Leather Cleaner #2- Baking Soda

There are two methods to clean leather with baking soda, especially white leather. Apply the baking soda to the leather. After leaving it on for at most 20 minutes, vacuum the baking powder.

The second way is to combine baking soda and warm water with a few drops or white vinegar. Finally, you can add some liquid soap. This works well for spot cleaning. You can apply the solution using a soft, damp towel.

Leather Cleaner #3, Rubbing Alcohol

Leather car seats can present a challenge. You can find mold and mildew in the seams and folds. This is when you should use rubbing alcohol.

Mix a small amount of equal parts water with rubbing alcohol. One tablespoon will do the trick. Use a dampened soft cloth to scrub any areas that are affected by mold or mildew. Use a small amount of your solution to treat each area, then rub until it is gone.

You can dry the seat by using a towel. You can then open the car door and blow air across the seat to speed drying. This same procedure can be applied to leather sofas or chairs.

Leather Cleaner #4 – Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is acidic so it works great as a mold and mildew removal. You can begin by wiping away visible mold with a dry, soft cloth. Mix three parts water to one part lemon-juice. Use a sponge or, if possible, a piece lamb’s yarn. The lemon juice solution can be used to dampen the applicator. Use the sponge or lamb’s wool to gently clean the surface. It’s not necessary that the item be soaked.

Allow the lemon solution to dry completely, and then gently wipe the item with another soft cloth. Apply a leather conditioner to leather after it has dried using a sponge and a piece or lamb’s wool.

Safety First

If you want to remove mold from leather or any other item, first make sure to clear your garage or house. Mold spores spread quickly and can infect other areas in your home. You’re not trying to move the mold to another place in your home. The best place for mold removal is outside. Aside from the fact that mold hates sunlight, working outside can have two benefits.

Protect your hands with gloves and a face mask. Mold can enter your body via your eyes, nose, mouth, and throat.

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