Real Estate Marketing: Contact Options

There are many ways to contact your clients. Most agents choose to use one or two ways only, yet they might be missing out on the opportunity to create a broadreaching marketing strategy.

You should learn to understand your target audience and the means to reach them with your direct marketing methods and materials. In this way, you can create a marketing plan that is custom designed to reach your target audience and generate a steady supply of qualified leads to suit your business.

You might want to create two types of mailing lists, one that is exclusive for your targeted client and one that is open to your prospective buyer-clients. Then you can choose how you will separate your list for contact purposes. You might like to offer one list that is yours only, for your customer’s benefit, yet another list that is open to your “customers” while still offering them the opportunity to contact you for a more personal service.

Here are some other tips on re-using information for direct mailings:

Prospects that you have contacting you should be asked to provide their name, telephone number and address. Although this information is private, it is a good way for you to follow up with those prospects that you have obtained another mailing or perhaps before contacting them for the other purpose. Following up with your prospective clients is essential to your business. “One Orange Street” is not going to do you much good if half of your contacts are not Orange Street specific. Then one mailing is all that you need. However, you will want to use this option with those prospects that you feel are most involved with your open-ended marketing plan. If you have seen good business from them they are likely to be loyal. They might think about you while thinking about their fellow associates, and you are likely to get a pretty good amount of ” juice” from those prospects. You can even use this same mailing list you are using as a lead source. When you determine who qualified for your call, you can direct them towards your lead source and again, the type of property you are offering.

Most Agents have been taught to direct their direct marketing efforts to the specialty method of contact (e.g. mailing lists, P.R. systems). This method should be reserved for lesser-known prospects. Continuing campaigns for this method can appear very expensive when you discover other ways to contact your prospects when you are first starting out. Be aware, that most direct marketing paradigms are relatively expensive when you’re first starting out, even before you incur the cost of your first mailing. However, they are more cost-effective as parts of a larger direct marketing plan. Once you see how much money can be generated from such a program, you will be able to justify the initial out-lay.

You may also want to create a website for your business. Even if you only ended up with a small website you may realize its advantages later on. On your website you should provide a good website that is usually very informative yet simple enough that people tend to visit it. Your website should include a contact page that is either directly associated on the same web page ( founders, members, etc.) or used as part of the anchor text ( This is the best form of direct marketing-you don’t need to spend any money in creating websites for your leads and your potential clients. However, for those websites with whom you key you should avoid including your personal information including name, address., or email. Your website’s primary purpose is to link your past clients to you. The reason this should be done is that people who are looking for an agent by name are most likely book sellers who are knowledgeable about selling their homes. For this reason, if you don’t mind spending a bit of money then creating a website and placing your information for whoever can see your site. A direct mailing campaign will generate leads as well as onto your website. To set up a direct mailing plan for your business take a look at thebook seller Radians world directory. You can also contact a few companies like Choice Point and Lead Express to see if there are any direct mail companies that you might want to contract with as well. If they do not have any companies like this, you may want to advertise to other organizations as well.

Last but not least, there is always the direct mail mailing list. This list is constantly changing as many “known ” people hear about them every so often so it might be worthwhile to set up an email announcement list or mailing list for your business. This list is constantly updated as would be your email address so that you can get a more complete ” mailing list”. The reason this list is so important to your business is that your “targeted” mailing list should be absolutely up to date with every agent that is currently not on your “target” list.