How to Buy a Home the Smart Way

If you were to take a contest out there to find the most intelligent person not only how many people they know but how many people they know that know about the area or community, vacation spots or prime real estate, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone more intelligent than an ex-pat.

A Guide for Foreigners Who Want to Buy a Home inClickMobileSof Suffolk County, Long Island, N.Y.

If you’re planning to relocate to Long Island and are interested in purchasing a home, you’re in luck. Clicking pickup service to get the inside scoop that can only come from living among those who have lived it and literally lived here for years is literally a goldmine of information. Not only are you privy to insider tips and tricks to your regional market, but you’re also given access to a community of international expatriates, exchange students, successful business people and all the knowledge and wisdom that comes from those who know.

Part of the reason for doing business with a Long Island real estate insider, former real estate insider or just an interested buyer is the fact that you are getting information that is not commonly available to the public, the companies who are not doing business in your area. Sometimes companies only have a few salesman in an area and because of their lack of knowledge they can’t sell homes, apartments or commercial property to international individuals. The people who live in Long Island know someone who has sold a home or sold a commercial property in the past, and that person living in another town, city or country thousands of miles away knows how to profit from this business.

This real estate guide is for anyone who has dreams of living in Long Island but is not from Long Island. If you’re a foreign student or just want to purchase a home, this guide can help you choose the cream of the crop. Once you purchase your home you won’t regret it, and you may even find yourself upset by the quality and location of the property you are purchasing.

Buyers have to remember that purchasing a home in Long Island is a business transaction, and your real estate agent should work for you and work hard for you and you should always let his/her real estate representative know of your desire to see homes. Real estate agents can show you countless properties that you may fall within your budget range. Once you’ve chosen you agent take advantage of her/his time and let your real estate agent negotiate the best price and terms for you. A good real estate agent can help you make the offer to purchase your home. Remember after you’ve made an offer it is only competing for, and within, your budget.

Once your offer has been accepted by the landlord, the buyer is responsible for the restoration work at the property for which the previous owner was responsible, if functional and owned at your purchase price or higher, plus all associated moving costs. The buyer’s agent may working with a conveyance firm that can help with the restoration work and or their preferred restorers, referred to as conventional shop keeping and restoration companies. The fee you pay the sellers agent covers the real estate agent commissions, not pro-rations. The fees paid to the buyer’s agent are normally non-refundable.

There generally is a contingency on a real estate purchase of a permanent residence that is a 30-day performance bond. This means the buyer may insist on his/her agent present at closing for a period of 30 days. Gates will furnish the seller and buyer with the appropriate documents for their records, and meet any additional conditions specified by the seller, which means the seller may not back out of the sale without good cause.

The seller is responsible for securing and coach any significant insurance protection to protect the buyer from loss or damage to personal property, third party property and/or enviable property during the period of the listing. An experienced Delaware real estate broker will provide you with a copy of a comprehensive renters’ insurance policy for protection of your personal property and contents.

The final detail to be concerned with when purchasing Long Island real estate is the fulfillment of any conditions of the contract at closing. A purchase price is only an outline; as Long Island Real estate has drastically changed in the last 5 years, prices will not remain stable. Anything less than asking price will be considered as a ‘low ball offer’ and the seller will refuse it. If the offer is reasonably within your budget you will have to fight for it. Many homes in Long Island are considered ‘as-is’ because of the condition they were in before the recession began.

There are at any given time properties available for purchase. If you’re in Long Island and have been waiting for the perfect time to buy, it’s now! Time to start searching for an available property. If you prefer Long Island foreclosures this is the first article in this series.