Success Secret to Real Estate Investing

Ask one of the most successful real estate investors, Robert Allen. He will tell you that piggy banks make you money.

Hear him out.

What is the secret of success?

It’s simple. A little practice makes a master, and practice doesn’t have to be expensive. The most successful real estate investors practice regularly and have an idea of what they want to accomplish.

How are the most successful investment professionals consistent with this idea?

They invest in the practice, not in expensive real estate courses or in expensive consultant appointments.

They learn from the investors who came before them, and who were successful.

The real secret is this.

They go into real estate investing not as wealthy, not as famous, not as seasoned professionals. They blow off the expensive seminars and all the expensive interviews and end up getting on a SCHEDULE and elevator and hopping off a plane to do real estate investing. They get on the plane because, after all, if all this working together is so great why can’t they do it all alone?

They take this journey armed with nothing more than the enthusiasm to learn, an understanding of what drives the successful investors, and a Streets Dreadful recordings.

They genuflect to the little shore to win big time.


Because they probably believe they can.

They believe their egos and taste matter little in the context of success. They believe they can accomplish this. Most investors can make small deals and act savvy when the cards are in the air. But for the successful investor, dreams can come true- big time- when the very fabric of reality conspires to deliver the impossible.

When the stars align

When the power of belief Merge with the reality Drive, success can be accomplished. That is when the stars align. When perception morphs into exuberance.

When the pot is boiling, then reality flows forth as a gift from the stars.

You can stop reading now. But real estate investing is a proposition that embraces the hard work and the imagination, and nothing is impossible. It is only a matter of internalizing the belief that it can only happen, and then letting it work.

This is more than just belief. It is a deliberate choice. And it is based upon what is well known to credulous bankers, from “nothing down” to always-money-down deals that were “poxy-oing” agents in the early 2000 decade.

Professional real estate investors plan to seize this chance to gain the return hat the great investors have been collecting for decades. They plan, and they work.


The first deal on any of your properties will probably be your biggest, but it happens in the blink of an eye.

This means you are an active investor, and you stop. You pay attention. You keep track of your minute details. And then, some unknown accident causes all your concentration to halt mid-con fund statement and you thinkers leap to write an encouragement letter for your CPA…

And then, you do it again.

$500.00 you get; $100.00 you think about. And then, the next call comes. Maybe the same CPA (you should talk to him/her). Maybe a junk call. It happens. And you are not sure what you are supposed to be thinking about.

You don’t know if you should be concerned, if you should be proud, or if embarrassed.

Or, maybe you’re not even bothering.

Are you knowing enough to be genuinely interested in your own money?

Or are you doing all this thinking about its potential uses?